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Case Study - Mells C and E primary school 

Mells C and E primary school contact RAS due to a significant reverberation issue that they had in both the main hall and one of their classrooms. 


​The high peaked ceilings were one of the main contributors to the reverberation issue that they had previously, making it difficult for both staff and pupils to use. 


Now a number of the cloud shape sound absorbers have been installed, making both the environments more useable and comfortable to use by significantly improving the echo issue that they had previously. Plus they also look great!

Photo 30-07-2021, 14 00 38 (1).jpg
Photo 30-07-2021, 14 00 48.jpg
Photo 30-07-2021, 13 59 33.jpg
Photo 30-07-2021, 13 41 51.jpg
Photo 30-07-2021, 13 54 10.jpg
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