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Case Study  - Chudleigh Town Hall 

Chudleigh Town Hall is a municipal building in Market Way, Chudleigh, Devon, England. The town hall, which is the meeting place of Chudleigh Town Council, is a Grade II listed building.

The acoustics within the hall were pretty poor and therefore RAS were approached to see if we could  help.  

Not only does the hall sound so much better now that the suspended rectangles and wallboards have now been fitted  but the products look great fit for the environment. 



Photo 13-12-2022, 16 08 08.jpg
Photo 13-12-2022, 16 08 43.jpg
Photo 13-12-2022, 16 14 11.jpg
Photo 13-12-2022, 16 14 30.jpg
Photo 13-12-2022, 16 14 59.jpg
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