Welcome to the teacher of the deaf and SENCO page

As all of the teachers of the deaf that we work with know as company we are not tied down to any specific products or services that we can provide. We continue to listen to all of our customers feedback and requirements around the support we can supply.


Please see below the main areas that we can offer  TOD's and SENCO's in schools, nurseries, colleges and other educational establishments. 

If there is something missing or you would like any more information around any of the below please let us know. 


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Take a look of how our Acoustic Treatment works alongside a number of our case studies and past projects

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A tailored and easy to use platform specifically designed for schools and 'Teachers of the Deaf'. Click here to see how goods and services can be purchased by one click of a button ‘Teachers of the Deaf’. 



We supply, install, and service a number of Soundfield products and systems across a wide range of schools and colleges. Take a look to see how we support Teachers Of the Deaf and SENCO's.



We offer a wide range of equipment for individuals who have difficulty hearing. Have look to see how we can support you. 

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These simple aids help the teacher to manage and monitor any noisy classroom. Take a look at the products that we can provide alongside our free trials.  

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We install and service sound  amplification systems for school halls and large environments. Take a look to see what we can provide with regards to easy to use systems. 

Acoustic Treatment 


We have managed to put together some short and helpful facts around the specifics of Acoustic Treatment. This is based on all of the questions that we have been frequently asked.


This includes the following: 

  • The general issues that teaching and learning areas have with regards to reverberation and eco issues


  • BB93 which mentions compliance of reverberation performance targets for educational environments with regards to the requirements from Part E of the Building Regulations


  • Our most popular products and how they work


  • Examples of products available and how they are installed


  • Other information such as colour choices, moisture, mothproofing and fire rating.


We have put all the information in an attached presentation which can be found in the original email that we have sent you which we hope you find useful. To access the 'key information page please contact us'.     

Acoustic Partition Room Dividers

Another range of products that we can provide are room partitions which offer an economical and sound dividing solution for any required flexible space. 


These are particularly suited in nurseries, school classrooms and community halls where two or more spaces need dividing or re-opening depending on the activities taking place during the day. Each partition has a sound rating of up to 35 db, therefore they are a perfect and easy solution to shut off the noise from one room to the other when required. 


The numerous ranges of colour options make them very easy to blend into any existing environment, and a choice of handles with a locking or non-locking function is available.

Roberts Audio Solutions Handyshop

We have been adding parts and products to our on-line shop when you have given us feedback on what to add. This has had great feedback from yourselves and staff from schools, using it not only to purchase parts but as a reference to know which parts are compatible. If you can continue to give us feedback on these pages that would be great.

Soundfield Servicing and installation

We are continuing to service and install a large number of classroom audio systems in schools, and to make things easier we have given an idea on price for the servicing side depending on the school’s location. We have also developed on our webpage the most popular systems that we install, showing their attributes and functionalities.One of these links to our on-line shop where they can be bought directly. If you can't find what you are looking for please let us know. 

On-line / On-Site Training and Manuals 

One of the other services that we have been providing more regularly this year is on-line and on-site training.  We are more than willing to demonstrate or train staff on any of the services and equipment that we can provide, and can be very flexible to adjust what you would like to cover during any of the team or individual meetings that you may have.

The below button will take you directly to our 'easy to use' manual and instruction guides. Please feel free to print / share them as you wish. If there is something that you can't find please let us know.