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Case Study - Stephens School 

St Stephens who are based in Saltash in Cornwall, contacted us as they identified that several of their rooms had an issue with reverberation and echo. 

One of their learners who is hard of hearing will be using each of the spaces as they move up to each year group. Now that one of the rooms have been teated by us, the sound clouds will moved in to each of the areas as the student progresses though each year.


This will ensure that they will be able to learn in an area which has a good sound quality where the reverberation has been reduced as much as possible. 

Photo 19-10-2023, 17 06 55.jpg
Photo 19-10-2023, 17 07 23.jpg
Photo 19-10-2023, 17 06 26.jpg
Photo 19-10-2023, 17 06 35.jpg
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