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"We are all hugely impressed with the improvement to room acoustics and the general appearance of the panels in the spaces.  I've seen teachers bouncing up and down with excitement at the noticeable difference difference!" 

Case Study  - Sheldon School 

Over the summer break of 2021, RAS installed a total of 218 sound absorbers across Sheldon School which is situated in Wiltshire.


This involved fitting many types and colours of absorption units across 17 different classrooms and other learning environments.


Each treatment was tailored and fitted to suit both the existing look and sound of each of the spaces, dependent on their reverberation issues and the activities that usually take place there i.e. practical / theory lessons.


The final overall look was also considered, ensuring that the the treatment looked aesthetically pleasing in each of the areas. 

The feedback from the school has been absolutely amazing; both staff and students have commented on the massive difference in sound the final result has made.


Here are a few pictures and examples of the works that was carried out by the RAS team. 

The first couple of images demonstrates how flexible we can be in regards to colour. These absorbers were specifically made to blend in with the original decor of the environment that we had to install them in.


This room is extensively used for drama and performing arts. The new black suspended absorbers not only look great but they have achieved the job of removing the issues of eco and reverberation that it used to have. 

Photo 12-08-2021, 14 49 57.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 14 54 19.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 14 55 07.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 14 57 31.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 14 57 35.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 01 34.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 01 49.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 04 46.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 05 03.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 05 07.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 05 51.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 06 45.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 09 22.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 08 51.jpg
Photo 12-08-2021, 15 07 12.jpg
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