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Case Study  - St Micheal's School                         (Lizard C.H.I.L.D trust) 

St Micheal's school has a nursery operating beside it which is operated by the Lizard C.H.I.L.D trust. The charity was set up in 1999 for Helston and the Lizard area as a new community initiative. Originally offering services including, a family learning programme, toy library and full day nursery with wraparound care and holiday clubs to support families.


The organisation originally contacted us through a Teacher Of the Deaf who identified that the two main rooms  which is used for the  nursery had a particular issue with sound reverberation and echo.


Our solution was to install a number of limpet sound absorbers due to the hight of the ceiling. 

This has now made a significant improvement and difference to the reverberation in both of the areas. 


Photo 22-02-2022, 12 14 52.jpg
Photo 22-02-2022, 12 12 39.jpg


Photo 22-02-2022, 12 11 09.jpg
Photo 22-02-2022, 12 11 53.jpg
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