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Case Study  - Kennell Vale Primary 

Kennell Vale School, who are situated in Falmouth, contacted RAS due to a major reverberation problem they had in their main hall and one of their main classrooms.


Staff and students who used the area for activities such as assemblies, PE sessions and general activities struggled to hear and communicate in the hall due to its echo and reverberation issues that it had.

Although the hall was fitted with a suspended ceiling, the new cloud and wallboard absorbers have made a significant difference to the previous sound issues in both of the areas. 

Over the same period in which the installation of the hall took place, the school was successful in gaining funding to treat one of the school’s classrooms which had a similar issue with noise. This involved installing a number of suspended units on the higher parts of the ceiling and limpet units which fit directly to the lower parts.

The school is extremely pleased with the result - plus the clouds make a great talking point for anyone who visits the school!

Photo 17-08-2021, 14 24 20.jpg
Photo 18-08-2021, 10 33 43.jpg
Photo 17-08-2021, 14 25 29.jpg
Photo 18-08-2021, 10 18 39.jpg
Photo 18-08-2021, 10 32 16.jpg
Photo 18-08-2021, 10 12 02.jpg
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