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To give you a rough guide of the costings to acoustically treat an individual area, please enter in the top blue fields below, the width and length of the room.


This is not a figure of the final costing just a rough guide, please contact us for a quotation. 

New!! We have developed an acoustic pocket card. 


Designed for TOD's and SENCO'S / ALNCO'S, this handy card gives you information on how you can get an idea of the reverberation of an area via a Clapp App which is very easy from your mobile device.


This is along with being to identify the maximum that it should be in different areas across education from an extract from regulation BB93. 


It also has a couple of QR codes which will take you directly to our website giving you an example of our past projects and amazing customer feedback. This is alongside some short videos to help demonstrated the improvement of sound before and after installation.


Below demonstates these cards however if you would like some physical copies to share with your schools / colleagues who you work with please contact us so we can send some to you free of charge. 

Acoustic Pocket card V1.jpg
Acoustic Pocket card V1 P2 .jpg

This short document gives you some more detail around the specifics of Acoustic Treatment.

This includes the following: 

 The general issues that teaching and learning areas have with regards to reverberation and         eco issues

 BB93 which mentions compliance of reverberation performance targets for educational               environments with regards to the requirements from Part E of the Building Regulations


 Our most popular products and how it works

 Examples of products available 

 Installation methods for each product 

 Other information such as colour choices, moisture, mothproofing and fire rating.


Again if you have any further questions please give us a call. 

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