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This is a simple and attractive noise traffic LED light system. The BabbleGuard is a simple solution to  encourage young children or students to keep the classroom noise at a comfortable level, promoting concentration, listening and learning.

It can be used by teachers as part of general classroom discipline to encourage children to   self-regulate their noise level. Good classroom acoustics are crucial for a pupil's ability to hear, listen and learn.

It is quick and easy to install, either vertically or horizontally, using the supplied sticky pads or screw fixing brackets. We  recommend installing it over or alongside the whiteboard, but any location is suitable where both the teacher and the class can see it easily. It is made from high quality LEDs, giving a really pleasing light which is relaxing and easy to look at for long periods.

Other features and advantages include:

  • Attractive traffic light coloured light bar,

  • Easy access to adjustable sensitivity control so you can change the trigger point for different types of lesson

  • It can be can be mounted horizontally or vertically, on a wall

  • It is bright, clear and easy to see LEDs but not distracting


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