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Case Study  - Percy  Shurmer Academy  2020 project

Percy Shurmer is a fantastic and friendly school which is based in Birmingham. 


With a specific deaf learning centre the school initially contacted RAS about their acoustic issues after they had serviced their existing classroom Soundfield Systems.


Over the summer of 2020 a large team of installers carried out an installation involving 114 cloud absorbers. 


This included suspended and limpet panels in three colours within a large number of the areas. 


The main hall, corridors and walkways between learning environments and a number of classrooms have now been treated. 

Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on to hear the difference that our acoustic treatment can make. 

Photo 22-07-2020, 09 31 53.jpg

This has made a massive difference to the acoustics for all of the areas where both staff and students can now gain from the benefits.

It has been so successful that RAS are now quoting for another additional 30 areas across the school. 


Photo 22-07-2020, 09 30 08.jpg
Photo 22-07-2020, 09 30 39.jpg
Photo 22-07-2020, 09 26 26.jpg
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