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Welcome to our page for Education 

Roberts Audio Solutions sources, install and test specified audio systems for commercial and educational environments.

We have over 15 years of experience in supplying hands-on, helpful support and equipment tailored to bespoke needs.

We can advise, supply, install, and provide training, in equipment and systems which benefit the hard-of-hearing, as well as staff and students within schools.

We work with a wide range of organisations, including a large number of schools, authorities and teachers of the deaf.

We are more than willing to help with your individual enquiry


Acoustic Treatment

NEW : Acoustic Projects Updated April 2022

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Not only does our installations make a significant difference to reverberation and echo but they also look great!

Take a look of how our Acoustic Treatment works alongside a number of our case studies and past projects

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We supply, install, and service a number of Soundfield products and systems across a wide range of schools and colleges. Take a look to see how we support Teachers Of the Deaf and SENCO's.





Providing a soundproof solution for sensitive conversations, as well as the need for a moment of solitude in a large public space. They are also a great place for anyone with a hearing loss.  

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A tailored and easy to use platform specifically designed for schools and 'Teachers of the Deaf'. Click here to see how goods and services can be purchased by one click of a button ‘Teachers of the Deaf’. 

We offer a wide range of equipment for individuals who have difficulty hearing. Have look to see how we can support you. 

We install and service sound  amplification systems for school halls and large environments. Take a look to see what we can provide with regards to easy to use systems. 


Acoustic Treatment  - Hear the difference 

What do our customers say?


Pathfield school Barnstable 

"The acoustic treatment fitted in our multi-use hall has made a huge difference in terms of keeping down background noise both during lunch times and during PE sessions."

"Our autistic students have shown improvements in behaviour generally as they no longer have to compete with the sensory overload that comes with too much noise in the hall."

This is a short video which gives you an example of what our acoustic treatment can make. Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on to enable you to hear the difference!! Please click on speaker icon to ensure the sound is on 

Mosterton Pre-School  

The difference now that the clouds have been fitted is amazing! They have undoubtedly made a big difference for all of the children who use the setting. 

A huge Thank You to Roberts Audio Solutions  for your excellent service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys!!

Sheldon School 

We are all hugely impressed with the improvement to room acoustics and the general appearance of the panels in the spaces.  I've seen teachers bouncing up and down with excitement at the notable difference.  

Classroom Soundfield   - The advantages 

Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on. 

What do our customers say?


My favourite aspect is the ability to be heard anywhere in the classroom no matter where I am or how I’m facing,”


“Now that my voice is evenly spread out through the classroom, I don’t have to raise it. I can speak in a low voice and still be heard. I’m finding kids are more engaged."


Case Study 


During the summer break of 2019 Roberts Audio carried out one of the biggest installations of Soundfield audio systems in their history!

Across the two schools a total of sixty-six Soundfield systems were installed alongside the supply of a large amount of Roger hearing devices.  Click on the button to find out more....

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