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Case Study - Little Starz Day Nursery

Little Starz Day nursery who are based in Western-Super-Mare have a central area which the children and staff use for both teaching and play activities. 

Unfortunately however they did their best to avoid using this area due to the issue of  reverberation before Acoustic Treatment was fitted by RAS.


The particularly low ceilings in the room meant that the best product to install in the area were limpet cloud absorbers.


These are installed by the use of very strong  magnets, meaning that the surface are of the ceiling has been given significant coverage for absorption without the risk of being too low. This would have been an issue if suspended units were selected to be installed instead. 

2020-01-16 18.25.59.jpg
2020-01-16 18.35.12.jpg
2020-01-16 18.26.24.jpg
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