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Case Study - Mosterton Preschool

Mosterton Pre-school have been using a fairly new building at their site in Beaminster where its metal roof and un-carpeted floor had contributed to a huge reverberation and acoustic issue.


By installing ten cloud shape acoustic absorbers to the ceiling it has helped to improve speech intelligibility creating a less stressful and more productive space for both staff and students.


The staff of the pre-school have been so impressed that they are looking at treating the other three areas due to the massive difference it has made.

Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on 

Photo 04-11-2020, 16 16 57.heic
Photo 04-11-2020, 16 28 36.jpg
Photo 04-11-2020, 16 15 25.jpg

What is the feedback from the customer?


The difference now that the clouds have been fitted is amazing! They have undoubtedly made a big difference for all of the children who use the setting. 

A huge Thank You to Roberts Audio Solutions  for your excellent service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys!!

Mosterton Pre-School  

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