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Case Study - Pathfield Special School 

Pathfield school based in Barnstable contacted us due to having a major issue in their main school halls reverberation. 

Although being a fairly small hall, the wooden floor and hard surfaces within the area all  contributed to the issue of major reverberation

By installing twenty two suspended clouds, two limpets, five standard wall boards and four bespoke absorbers it has massive difference to the sound and the aesthetics to the hall.

All of the absorbers have been carefully made and crafted by the Woolly Shepherd Ltd.

Photo 04-08-2020, 14 51 19.jpg
Photo 04-08-2020, 14 52 10.jpg
Photo 04-08-2020, 14 51 35.jpg

What is the feedback from the customer?


The acoustic treatment fitted in our multi-use hall has made a huge difference in terms of keeping down background noise both during lunch times and during PE sessions.


Our PE teacher has said that it is much easier to have a PE lesson as everyone can hear everyone else without having to shout.


Our autistic students have shown improvements in behaviour generally as they no longer have to compete with the sensory overload that comes with too much noise in the hall.


On top of all that we are enjoying watching the clouds on the ceiling – all we’re missing in some sunshine!

Pathfield school Barnstable 

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