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Roberts Audio have the pleasure of working closely with Woolly Shepherd Ltd. 


Made and manufactured by the Woolly Shepherd, their custom-built treatments can be installed to suit your environment both aesthetically and acoustically.

Their use of wool and natural materials as well as their work ethic has won them the Institute of Acoustics sustainable design award.

The correct treatment can massively improve the acoustics of any room where reverberation is an issue.

How does acoustic treatment work?

  • Acoustic panels absorb the mid/high frequencies in the environment where they are installed.

  • Each unit can be either suspended or fixed directly to the wall or ceiling, depending on the environment.

  • The units are tailor-made in a range of shapes, sizes and three colours

  • The option of an acoustic test will help determine how poor the acoustic in your environment is.                         


This is a short video which gives you an example of what our acoustic treatment can make. Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on to enable you to hear the difference!!



The RAS team have carried out a number of exciting acoustic installations over the summer holidays. This has included the following schools, please take a look...... 

Sheldon School 

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Mells C and E Primary 

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Beckington Primary School 

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Kennall Vale Primary School 

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Undy Primary School 

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Past Projects:

Here are only a few examples of the projects that we have carried out across schools and nurseries and have benefited with our installations. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a potential visit to your school that may need treating please don't hesitate to contact us.

Pebbles Nursery at Barton Hill Academy



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Mosterton Preschool

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Woodbury Salterton C of E Primary School

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Littleham C of E Primary

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Little Starz Day Nursery

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Orchard Manor School 

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Here are the most popular colours for our acoustic absorbers. however we can arrange a few other specific shades if requested. 

Absorbers can be installed in either one shade or a mix dependant on preference by the client. 

For more information around the products that we use such as installation methods, fire protection, how the absorbers are constructed, moth treating etc please contact us. We are more than willing to answer any questions that you may have.