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Acoustic Treatment Consultancy - Education

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Roberts Audio have the pleasure of working closely with the following company... 

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Please ensure the sound is up to hear the difference our acoustic installations can make. 

Recent studies show that many classrooms and school halls have poor acoustics.


As a result, children with normal hearing are often unable to make out what is being said in class.

While adults will guess at missing words, children find it much harder to fill in the gaps and their educational development can suffer.

Children with hearing impairment suffer even more and legislation is now in place for schools for cater for such children.

Poor acoustic conditions in the classroom increase the strain on teacher’s voices as most teachers find in difficult to cope with the high noise levels.

This often leads to throat problems due to prolonged use of the voice and the need to speak very loudly to be heard

Unfortunately , large numbers of classrooms and halls in the U.K currently suffer from poor acoustics.

Many classrooms and halls have hard floor, wall and ceiling surfaces. Although these look nice and clinical , the hard surfaces bounce noise around the room without dying away.

Again this leads to an amplification of the noise and make sound difficult to hear.

If you would like us to give you a rough estimate for treating an area at your place of work, all we would need is the dimensions of your room and a couple of pictures.

Please contact us for more information!!!

Regulation BB93


Section 1 of the Building Bulletin 93 describes the  “Specification of acoustic performance” .


This section gives the performance targets for compliance with the Requirements from Part E of the Building Regulations.

To comply with BB93 regulations, school designs have to take account of many factors including noise coming in and out of buildings; room-to-room noise; speech intelligibility; echo and air conditioning noise.

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