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Case Study - Eggbuckland Primary and Secondary School

During the summer break of 2019 Roberts Audio carried out one of the biggest installations of Soundfield audio systems in their history.

Across the two schools a total of sixty-six Soundfield systems were installed alongside the supply of a large amount of Roger hearing devices.  


A completion time frame of two weeks was also given which was achieved well within the time.

To add to this, Roberts Audio supplied a large number of specialist equipment for the hard-of-hearing in the schools.


These were tailored to the individual needs of students which linked to specific ‘education health care plans’. This also included a staff and student training service to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the equipment provided.

The equipment provided will significantly help and benefit both staff and students, improving sound clarity for teaching and learning, thus helping to fulfil individualised Education Health Care Plans in some cases. 

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Eggbuckland Primary School

The primary school had a total of sixteen Juno systems installed. Each system was wall mounted, supplied with a student along with teacher microphone and charging dock. Each system was also connected to the teacher's main computer enabling any audio from it to be streamed to the output of the Juno. 

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Eggbuckland Community College 

The community college had a total of fifty Frontrow prodigital installed.


Each system was either desk or wall mounted depending on the circumstances of the room alongside four speakers which were mounted on the wall surface in each corner of the teaching space.


A central 360 degree ceiling sensor was also fitted to the centre part of the ceiling. This ensured that the teachers microphone could be received by the main unit wherever it was in the area without any cracking, dropping out or interference issue. 





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Impact statement. What difference have our systems made?

‘Our teachers have raved about their new Juno systems since they have been installed by RAS and about how much it they have enhanced the delivery and quality of listening for their students’.

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