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Acoustic Partition Room Dividers

This short video allows you to hear the difference when our partitions are open and closed when there is noise generated in an adjacent classroom. Please ensure the sound is on when watching. 

These  partitions offer an economical and sound dividing solution for any required flexible space. 

They are particularly suited and very popular in nurseries, school classrooms and community halls.  where the numerous range of colour options make them very easy to blend into any existing environment.

Meeting the mandatory acoustic design 2003 standards of Building Bulletin 93 (BB93),  they  can be designed to meet the requirements of Revised 2004 Part M of Building Regulations (minimum standards for disabled access).

Other advantages and options include:

  • Top hung without floor track

  • Sound attenuation ratings up to Rw 35 dB

  • Stacking at one or both ends of the opening

  • Heavy duty vinyl, veneer and paint finishes

  • Curved track systems

  • Clear and opaque single glazing

  • Quick and easy to operate and install

  • Fire retardant vinyl finish

  • Fabric is available in various different colours

  • Handle available in a lockable / non-lockable function   

Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 13.24.21.png
Acustic Screen Colour Choice .png
Screenshot 2021-01-04 at 19.50.12.png

Case Study  - Percy  Shurmer Academy  

During the installation of the  acoustic treatment which was carried out the school, the head teacher contacted us to see if we could help with issue of noise that was being transferred between two of the rooms.


The RAS team installed a one-sided foldable partition between both of areas.  This has now solved the issue where both teachers and students can now work in a  comfortable environment either side of the screen.  

Click on the picture for more information on the Acoustic Treatment carried out at Percy Shurmer Academy 
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