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Case Study - Charlton Mackrell

The team at RAS were contact through a Teacher of the Deaf due to reverberation issues in the main hall and one of the classrooms at Charlton Mackrell which is situated in Somerton. 

The clouds not only do an amazing job at dampening the reverberation but they look absolutely amazing in the very colourful tiled hall which was built in the 1800's.

Our short video below alos demonstrate the difference before and after installation has taken place. 

Please click on it to take a listen. 

Please click on the above video to take a listen 

Photo 16-09-2023, 13 45 10.jpg
Photo 16-09-2023, 13 45 17.jpg
Photo 16-09-2023, 13 44 15.jpg
Photo 16-09-2023, 15 25 52.jpg
Photo 16-09-2023, 15 21 31.jpg
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