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Case Study  - Hinton St George  

The RAS acoustic team were approached by a Teacher of the Deaf who looks after a couple of learners who attend Hinton St George. Unfortunately the students were struggling with the reverberation in three of the schools rooms. The tall ceilings and uncarpeted floors unfortunately contributed to this. 

Therefore 40 cream acoustic clouds were fitted on the ceiling across the rooms which have made a massive difference, making it a much nicer and comfortable space to learn and teach in for those using it. Plus they also look great brining character to the rooms. 

Photo 15-01-2022, 13 01 12.jpg
Photo 15-01-2022, 12 59 57.jpg
Photo 15-01-2022, 13 00 37.jpg
Photo 15-01-2022, 12 58 41.jpg
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