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Case Study  - Marlbough School, Falmouth 

Marlbough school in Falmouth contacted us by their SENCO as one of their learners who has a hearing difficulty was struggling to use the main hall and two of the classrooms. 

After a survey was carried out, we suggested to install a number of acoustic clouds comprising of the suspended and limpet range. 

As you will hear from the two videos below, the treatment has made a significant difference to the reverberation issue that was originally in the main hall. 

After installation, it has now made each of the environments a much nicer area  to use for both staff and students. 

Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on to hear the difference that our acoustic treatment can make!

Before treatment was carried-out in the large hall...

After treatment was carried-out in the large hall...

Main Hall 

Photo 13-04-2023, 15 35 43.jpg
Photo 13-04-2023, 15 35 07.jpg

Classroom 1  

Photo 13-04-2023, 15 28 43.jpg
Photo 13-04-2023, 15 28 52.jpg

Foundation room   

Photo 13-04-2023, 15 30 13.jpg
Photo 13-04-2023, 15 30 45.jpg
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