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Multi-use gym / Hall areas

As schools and colleges try to make the best possible use of the space available to them, more and more areas are becoming multi-purpose, with the same space being used perhaps as a performance area or an examination hall or a lecture theatre. However, not all of these areas provide the quality of sound space needed for good communication between students and teachers and can be actively uncomfortable for those with hearing or learning difficulties. And when spaces such as gymnasiums become multi-use areas, reverberation and echo can be a massive issue. 

Our panels not only look amazing, but they can be individually designed to meet shape, colour and style requirements, and are manufactured to withstand impact during sports activities. As you can see in the two short videos below, the panels are made with a special absorbency core which limits the sound so it bounces within the area. 


This enables the area to be used in a far more flexible way where sports activities continue to take place but the space still has the sound qualities that you would expect in a conventional learning environment. 

Case Study  - Wadebridge  School 

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"I have to be very honest and say I am amazed by the results.  I was pessimistic that putting a few boards up would make such a difference. " 

Chris Wilson, Wadebridge School 

The Curriculum Area Leader of PE of the school got in touch with us after our details had been passed on by their Hearing Support Partner. They had carried out an initial audit of the space had been carried out which had identified the environment as ‘extremely acoustically hostile’.


The school was hoping that we could complete a more substantial and specific audit and suggest how we can improve the acoustics in the space.

After a visit where we identified how poor the reverberation was in the areas, our design team put forward a proposal for the installation of 43 panels. After completion, not only do the panels look great but they are specifically designed to withstand impact during any sport activities that may take place in the room.

They day after completion the school contacted us to say how amazed they were with the results and confessed that they were very sceptical how much difference the installation would make. 

You can see the difference for yourself by watching the videos below; one filmed before and the other after the installation took place.  

If you would like us to pop out to your place of work for any advice or would like a quotation please do contact us. There would be no charge for this. 

Before Installation (please ensure the sound icon is switched on) 

After Installation (please ensure the sound icon is switched on) 

Photo 15-08-2023, 11 04 30.jpg
Photo 15-08-2023, 11 05 16.jpg
Photo 15-08-2023, 11 04 51.jpg
Photo 15-08-2023, 11 03 02.jpg
Photo 15-08-2023, 11 19 17.jpg
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