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Case Study  - Calon Cymru School 

This school contacted us through a head of service due to the fact that they had a reverberation issue in their drama studio and adjacent classroom. 

Both the students and main teacher were finding it increasingly  difficult to learn and teach in. 

After a remote survey was carried out, we suggested to install a number of suspended rectangles and wallboard panels to help solve the issue. 

Not only have the products which have been fitted made a significant difference to the sound in the area but they also fit in really well aesthetically. 

Only two days after the installation took place we received this review via the head of service...

" Thankyou so much for your hard work over the last two days, I had a wonderful call from Robin the drama teacher this morning who was enthusing sooo much about the quality of the sound in the drama studuio now. he couldn't get over the difference!!"



Photo 29-03-2023, 16 56 01.jpg
Photo 29-03-2023, 16 56 32.jpg
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