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Case Study - Mountwise School  

Mountwise school is situated in an amazing location next to the sea and are a part of Learning Academies Trust (LAT). Through the schools SENCO and a Teacher of the Deaf, we were contacted due to the reverberation issue within the main hall and the nursery. 

By installing a number of acoustic suspended clouds in both of the areas, it has changed the quality of the sound completely. All absorbers soak up the reverberation from the top and bottom of the services of each of the clouds.

We have received amazing feedback from the school on what a difference the treatment has made, "plus they also loom amazing". 

Main Hall 

Photo 01-06-2023, 15 57 54.jpg
Photo 01-06-2023, 16 00 22.jpg
Photo 01-06-2023, 15 57 40.jpg
Photo 01-06-2023, 15 57 27.jpg


Photo 01-06-2023, 12 10 52.jpg
Photo 01-06-2023, 12 10 30.jpg
Photo 01-06-2023, 12 10 41.jpg
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