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Case Study  - Fontmell Magna Village Hall 

Acoustic and PA sound system upgrade


"I've just spent the last couple of days watching a brilliant team install acoustic panels to reduce noise problems in our hall.
Some people said that at the meeting on Wednesday (with only the wall panels in place) could hear the difference already and follow what was said more easily.”


The village hall  of Fontmell Magna was constructed around 20 years ago. Its steal roof, wooden floor and brick walls all contributed to it's reverberation issues alongside a fairly old and unusable PA system


To help make a significant difference to the echo in the hall, a number of bespoke wallboards and suspended rectangles (via a number of magnetic hanging systems) it allowed the team to suspend the absorbers easily without having to drill or penetrate the surface.  


One of the committee members of the hall who is a retired Teacher of the Deaf and contacted us after RAS was recommended to him from one of his old colleagues. 

Now that the installation has taken place, a number of very positive comments (including the above) have been made around the installation itself alongside the difference the treatment has made along with how easy the sound system is to use with the quality of sound it produces.  

The new PA sound system and projector (as detailed below) has now made the hall extremely flexible for everyone who uses the hall when it comes to events such as presentations, film events, talks etc. It has been designed for people to use it easily with the hard of hearing especially in mind. 


PA sound system upgrade which consists of...

- Vector DS2400V amplifier - 2x300w@8ohms 

- A Bluetooth wall plate connection allows easy connection to Bluetooth devices
- Twin Handheld Radio Mic System
- AV point for laptop
- Four white 8"+ Horn 200w on speaker brackets
- Denon DN-312X 19" 1U 12ch Mixer

NEC P554W Projector with cabinet with inspection doors in beech

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