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NEW! Acoustic Sensory Pods

A Quiet Haven for Your Team or students...

Once you are inside an acoustic pod you will hear a lot less of the sound from the surrounding space around it,

They provide a soundproof solution for sensitive conversations, as well as the need for a moment of solitude in a public space,


They offer noise-absorbing properties, keeping noise and reverb to a minimum

They are a great place for anyone with a hearing loss, sensory needs or autism.


The pods, help the student feel that they are still within the classroom environment and not completely segregated during one to one learning.



Help to transform your space 

Made with absorber surfaces both inside and out, therefore improving the acoustics of the surrounding space it occupies.


Create the space you need and to your design


There are a huge range of shapes, designs, colours and sizes available. These can also be custom made to your specification if needed. There is also a wealth of colours to choose from


A few examples of how they can be used in education

One to one discussion between a staff members and students

Allows students to read, work, carryout activities in a quiet and calm area.

Case Studies


Here are some examples of some of our previous projects where our pods have been installed in schools....




Dyffryn Y Glowyr in Abertawe

Activity, play and learning area 

Photo 30-03-2023, 10 31 53.jpg

Cefnllys School in Llandrindod Wells, Powys

Library and study area 

Photo 30-03-2023, 13 24 24.jpg

Welshpool High School in Powys 

Typical classroom area 

Photo 30-03-2023, 16 27 40.jpg

Welshpool Primary School  

Photo 16-11-2023, 13 30 50.jpg
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.27.41.png
Screenshot 2022-11-30 at 16.28.52.png
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