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Case Study  - Beacon Academy 

Beacon Academy is a school which is grouped together with a number of other academies including Percy Shurmer in the North West Midlands.  

After completing a number of works at Percy, the head teacher from Beacon contacted us due to see if we could help with the sounds issues in both of the schools halls, one of which was severe. 

A total of 30 suspended clouds and 10 wallboards were fitted in the main hall and another 16 suspended units in the smaller hall. 

Please listen to the below short videos to hear the amazing difference that our treatment has made.



Please click speaker icon on the video to ensure the sound is on to hear the difference that our acoustic treatment can make!

Before treatment was carried-out in the large hall...

After treatment was carried-out in the large hall...

Photo 28-07-2022, 12 37 42.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 33 14.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 33 41.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 33 54.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 33 16.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 40 00.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 40 17.jpg
Photo 28-07-2022, 12 40 58.jpg
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