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Case Study  - Meidrim Primary School   

Meidrim school is located in the village of Meidrim which is between the towns of Carmarthen and Sanclêr.  The school was built in 1908, in the center of the village. 

Due to the age and architecture  of the building, unfortunately the two main classrooms and dinner hall were suffering with reverberation and echo. 

As you will see from the video you can hear the difference in sound where the clouds are installed compared to an area where they aren't. 

Two days after the installation was completed we had amazing feedback from the staff at the school including the Qualified Teacher of the Deaf & Educational Audiologist Cath Williams, who lead the project. Many thanks to Cath and Sallie Durbridge (QTOD & Service Manager)  

Please take a listen to the difference in sound when the clouds are

installed in one of the areas, compared to room where they are not  by watching these short video. 


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