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Case Study  - Milton Abbot  

Milton Abbot School is situated in the beautiful Devon countryside, just 6 miles from Tavistock and 7 miles from Launceston.


The school site and buildings date back to 1829 so is steeped in amazing history. Over time much has been added and improved including the improvement of the acoustics in the main hall. 

As you will be able to hear from the videos our clouds has made an amazing difference in the hall. 

If your school has an issue with reverberation or echo please do contact us and see what we can do for you. 

Please take a listen to the difference in sound when the clouds are

installed in the hall, compared to before the installation by watching

these short videos. 

Before Video

After Video


Photo 02-03-2024, 10 47 48.jpg
Photo 02-03-2024, 10 47 08.jpg
Photo 02-03-2024, 10 47 15.jpg
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