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Open Plan Corridor Area - Welshpool Primary School, Welshpool Powys

After the massive success of installing a POD in the high school in Welshpool in February, the head of services put forward a proposal of installing a POD in the primary school. 

This Pod#5 has been placed in (at times) a very busy area. This is a perfect solution students who require an areas if quiet and solitude to read, study or chat to a fellow student.   

The sound difference inside the POD is astonishing, making it very popular with students. Plus the colour chosen by the school helps it blend in with its surroundings. 


Photo 16-11-2023, 13 30 10.jpg
Photo 16-11-2023, 13 32 57.jpg
Photo 16-11-2023, 13 35 48.jpg
Photo 16-11-2023, 13 30 50.jpg
Photo 16-11-2023, 13 32 21.jpg
Photo 16-11-2023, 13 34 09.jpg
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